Welcome to Wilderness Bedrock, my name is Cathy Schwartz  and Wilderness Bedrock is a compilation of  stories, images and meditations from the Autumn season of my life, where I lived for two decades on the border of  Grand Teton National Park. 

I had spent most of my life working in emergency medical fields.  The trauma of all the  encounters with suffering and sorrow, etched deeply, and wounded both heart and soul.   These words woven with music,  are true tales spun from my solo adventures in the Tetons.  Contemplations of those sojourns with God in the wilds. Reflections on the powerful healing of the wilderness that renews and continues to sustain me.

Wilderness Bedrock is the sharing of the gifts of that time, in hopes that, even if you cannot go into the wilderness adventuring…the stories will bring some of the joys of a wilderness sojourn..a time  to rest in the midst of a bedrock journey of your own.. and perhaps find a place to dream.

I currently live off grid, in the Kootenai National Forest in Montana, with my husband of all seasons,  my mother, who is 88 and a rescue calico cat.  We are rebuilding two old hunting cabins, where our hearts now find home.  In this Winter season of our lives, we work harder than we had envisioned and sleep better than we imagined, and we are finding new dreams in yet another wilderness sanctuary.

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